• ArtWorks is an organisation that produces, develops and manufactures works of art, projects and exhibitions, proposing to create a collaborative and experimental attitude with creators from various artistic areas.
    Through a multidisciplinary team composed of architects, designers, engineers, artists, photographers, artisans and specialized technicians, the various stages of production include technical and material analysis of the works, from manufacturing, packaging and transportation to the audiovisual recording of each project.

    Driven by an interest in new techniques, new artists and different challenges, in 2017 it created the program No Entulho, which through various formats explores the use of surplus material from industrial production. From the cycle of Artistic Residencies No Entulho, the T.AW transport covers project, to the Banco de Materiais platform, a sustainable logic of creation, production and thinking is explored. Artworks allows artists, institutions or cultural events to develop works or projects, being open to collaborations through support, partnerships or patronage.

  • ArtWorks consists of creatives of different fields. Between architects, cultural promoters, photographers, designers, plastic artists, artisans and specialized production technicians, a synergy of knowledge is applied according to the specific needs of each work.

    With a development-oriented focus, ArtWorks encourages exploration, research and experimentation from its resources, extending this possibility to all members of its team. For the same purpose, we integrate artists in our team that can access all resources available at the factory for the development of their practices.

    José Maria Ferreira – Ecosteel group Administrator
    José Miguel Pinto – Director
    Francisca Marques – Art Coordinator
    Lola Rodrigues – Art Coordinator Assistant
    Bruno Lança – Audiovisual Coordinator
    Valentin Neves – Production Coordinator
    Ana Maria Trabulo – Project Coordinator
    Carlos Arteiro – Production Assistant
    Pedro Graça – Production Assistant
    Hélder Fernandes – Masters Locksmith
    Jorge Santos – Masters Locksmith
    André Coelho – Production Assistant
    Luís Ramos – Production Assistant
    António Cunha – Production Assistant
    António Esteves – Production Assistant

    Former Employees
    Ana Brito
    Gil Madeira
    Luis Azevedo

  • ArtWorks integrates the Ecosteel group that brings together different manufacturing sectors, brands, training centres and technological development. With two industrial poles in the municipality of Póvoa de Varzim, the group brings together its different sectors according to an infrastructural network of production and an innovation- oriented philosophy.