ArtWorks is made up of creatives and technicians from various fields.
Between architects, engineers, cultural programmers, photographers, designers, visual artists, artisans and specialized production technicians, a synergy of knowledge is applied according to the specific needs of each work. With a development-oriented focus, ArtWorks encourages exploration, research and experimentation from its resources, extending this possibility to all members of its team. To this same end, we have integrated artists into the production team who can access all the factory’s resources to develop their practice.

José Miguel Pinto – Director
Ana Maria Trabulo – Project Director
Valentin Neves – Production Director
Carlos Arteiro – Production Coordinator
Bruno Lança – Audiovisual & Communication Manager
Francisca Barros – Artistic Coordinator
Maria D’Orey – Project Manager
Bernardo Bordalo – Audiovisual
Sara Serra – Finance & Logistic
André Coelho – Art Production
Alfredo Lapa – Art Production
Luis Ramos – Art Production
Álvaro Oliveira – Art Production
António Esteves – Art Production
Inês Coelho – Head of locksmith department
Domingos Ferreira – Locksmith
Eduardo Regufe – Locksmith
Liliana Ferreira – Locksmith
Cláudia Santos – Reception / Backoffice

Former collaborators

Ana Brito
António Cunha
Hélder Fernandes
Francisco Crisóstomo
Gil Peixoto
Gil Madeira
Luiz Azevedo
Francisca Marques
Alexandre Mota
Lola Rodrigues
Eduarda Dias
Paula Campos