ArtWorks is an organization dedicated to the production of artistic work and support for the arts and culture. Located in a industrial environment and with a multidisciplinary team, it is in this hybrid space that it meets the conditions for artistic production: since the conception, technical design, engineering, fabrication, assembly up until the installing of the art works on site. At the same time, there are also developed curatorial projects, exhibition design and graphic works associated with the different artistic projects. Since 2013, ArtWorks has supported various cultural initiatives, such as the production of pieces for the Venice Biennales of Architecture and Art, the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Coimbra – Anozero – and many other productions for different artists and contexts, establishing partnerships with theatre companies, independent music and cinema festivals, contemporary art publications, faculties, among others. At the beginning of 2018 it started the artistic residency program – No Entulho –  that aims to support young artists on the developing of a project and its production at ArtWorks headquarters