• We accompany artists, architects, designers, as well as creatives from different areas in the conception and design of their pieces and in the decision process of appropriate technical solutions.

    Our proximity to both raw materials and manufacturing processes generates a specialized knowledge, essential for an active and creative attitude in the projects we approach.

    We make all technical drawings, from an overall approach of the works to the detail, passing through the design and planning of the assembly and packaging phases.

  • We gather at our premises a set of technologies for handling material and technicians who have years of experience and essential practical knowledge in all stages.

    Our knowledge is transversal to artisanal and manual crafts, industrial processes and digital technologies.

    We execute from small scale to infrastructural and habitable scale projects. We benefit from a wide network of other industry sectors that allow us to expand our technical capabilities.

  • Aware that the production space is itself a creating tool we organize manufacturing in consequent phases that allow the artist to fully or partially follow it.

    We built prototypes and models for proof of concept, test materials and study complex structures.

    We pre-assemble the works in our factory before they are installed in their final locations.

    We do quality control of all the components of the works executed in our installations and follow the fabrication by external suppliers, guaranteeing the same quality standards.

  • We build structures for transporting and archiving fragile pieces and guarantee the correct packaging for transporting larger pieces or structures.

    We develop solutions that minimize the use of disposable plastics with resource to materials suitable for handling volumes of various scales and weights.

    We transport pieces from our facilities to the assembly site through a national and international transport network.

    We follow itinerant exhibitions, transporting pieces between different locations and tracking all the necessary logistics.

    We manage all insurance and permits necessary for special transport.

  • We install works in museums, galleries, public spaces and outdoors, as in other exhibition spaces.

    We operate in accordance with the rules established by the institutions as well as all the safety rules necessary for handling more fragile or heavy pieces.

    We supply all the necessary material for the installation and we mobilize specialized teams for each type of project. The presence of technicians who accompanied the fabrication of pieces is essential for us in order to guarantee the correct handling of the works to install.

  • We make an audiovisual record of the entire production process, from the fabrication, assembly to the final installed piece at the exhibition location.

    We edit, archive and share all production records, guaranteeing a technical, photographic and video-documentary that the artist can use for the publication of the work.

  • We organize and manage all the production stages according to the guidelines of our clients. We seek innovative solutions, anticipate problems and propose strategies for technical, budgetary and logistical issues.

    We articulate the contact between different agents of the process establishing production schedules for each project and managing assembly times in order to meet established goals and expectations.

    In the post production of each project we make technical files and assembly guides for the artits archive.