No Entulho
  • No Entulho is a program developed by ArtWorks whose main objective is the use surplus material from industrial production.

    It is structured in projects that rethink this matter, the support emerging artists and create solutions for a more sustainable production. According to this premises, the surplus retakes an active position in the production cycle, preventing its destination as waste.

    Towards a more resilient practice, that instigates equal access to resources, No Entulho is structured in the artistic residences No Entulho, the art pieces transporting covers T.AW and on the platform Banco de Materiais. The prospect of extending the No Entulho to other formats will accompany the development of ArtWorks, establishing itself as one of the central hinges of the organization.

  • The Artistic Residencies No Entulho aim the research, artistic production and sharing of the work developed at ArtWorks installations. The resident artists are invited to think, intervene, create or modify the materials unused by the industry – the so called rubble. Since 2017, the residencies are structured in programming cycles that allow artists to define strategies, methods and technics to relate to the material and production possibilities.

    In addition to supporting emerging artists, the residencies aim to strengthen the participation of the working community in the elaboration of project of artistic nature, promoting the sharing of empirical and artistic knowledge and other experiences.
    With a willingness to develop this project further, and committed to an experimental atitude, the cycle is expected to take on new forms in the future.

  • As a producer of artistic works and infrastructures, ArtWorks maintains an increased environmental concern at the heart of its activity, optimizing its resources in order to create solutions that lessen the impact of its productions.
    T.AW is a system of transport covers that in three formats answers the questions of packaging without using disposable materials. All covers are produced with surplus materials from the textile industry.

    T.AW I is a model for larger structures that allows it to be fixed to a trestle, ensuring the impermeability of the pieces during transport.
    T.AW II is a custom made model that allows the artist or client to make multiple transports and archive pieces.
    T.AW III is a model for unique transports that allows the addition and extension of covers in several dimensions.

  • Banco de Materiais is a platform dedicated to the management of surplus resources from the production of various industrial sectors guiding its’ its use for artistic production.

    In a system in which companies share their resources, designating the properties of the materials and the possibility of pick-up, and artists collect the materials orientating them to their production and infrastructure, Banco de Materiais announces itself as a sharing system that powers sustainable production cycles.