Silvestre Pestana



Born in Funchal, Portugal, 1949
Lives and works in Porto, Portugal

His work is imposed by the radical nature of the interventions that, since the first moment, rest on an intentional hybridity resulting in the game and permutation between linguistic and not linguistic signs. The contamination that, in the 60´s and 70´s, derives from the use of different graphic material, will find, in the 80´s, support in the use of video and computer media. At this level, it can be said that his poetry for computer programming opened new routes to experimental poetry. Frequently mixing, intentionally, issues related to materiality and mediation, in his work procedures based on digital systems appear mixed with the analog character representation. His recent work, in the context of performance, in real or virtual spaces as Second Life, are essential to assess how the experimentalist practices interfere with the social practices in which they articulate.

A selection of solo exhibitions include: Sufoco, Murias Centeno, Lisboa (2015); Bio-Virtual, Galeria Leo (1984); Bio-Virtual, Galeria Árvore (1984); Radiologias, Galeria C.A.P.C. (1980); As Ilhas Desertas, Galeria Árvore (1979); Poema / Ovo, Galeria C.A.P.C. (1977); Acrilic Kunst, Galeria K, Stockholm (1972). Author of the video works: Bio-Virtual (1983); Geo-Psico-Verso (1980); Homeostasis (1980); Pirâmide (1979); Cronosgrafias (1979); Necro-Eco (1979); A Computer Story (1979); Óvulo (1979); Vi deo Poems (1979); Mater (1978); Ave (1976). Author, in the 80´s, of computer programmed poems for ZX81, ZX82 and, later, in color version for Spectrum, untitled Computer Poetry. Held musical graphic-poetical guidelines for Anar Band (Rui Reininho and Jorge Lima Barreto, 1977) and published the book/catalogue for the exhibition Águas Vivas (Galeria Alvarez, 2002). Organized, with Fernando Aguiar, Poemografias (book and itinerant exhibition of Visual Poetry, in 1985), co-organized What is Watt? (since 2001), and is a frequent participant at Bienal Internacional de Cerveira. His work was the subject of an exhibition in the cycle Nas Escritas PO-EX (Povo Novo Virtual, 2013).


Neurons, 2017