Helium Pavilion



It proposes an artifact that attacks the problem of the centralization of Chile with the movement, bringing with it a cultural and educational event to remote places with the objective of rescuing, educating and teaching. Escuelas Libres addresses this isolation with an architecture that leaves no trace, stimulating those who experience it through its lightness, its materials and its structure.

The nomadic quality of the intervention enables the ambivalence between appearing and disappearing, allowing the understanding of the boundaries of the local landscape without affecting its reading or understanding, thus being at the service of the intangible, for the rescue of imaginaries and memories.

This is a project that sees, saves, records and edits. A project that, through its existence, tries to generate social sensitivity to the places where it travels. 


May, 2018


José Maria Ferreira

© Bruno Lança

The project was exhibited at the 16th Venice Biennale of Architecture under the collateral event "Young Architects from Latin America" (YALA) obtaining an award under the name of "Escuelas Libres" and will be exhibited at the Arc reve centre d'architecture in Bordeaux, France, between December 13, 2018 and February 17, 2019.