Laura Vinci


Laura has a FAAP graduate degree in visual arts and a master by ECA-USP and initiated her production in the 80’s, getting part of a number of exhibitions in Brazil and worldwide. Among them, the are some remarkable ones: Estados (CCBB — SP), the 26ª Bienal Internacional de São Paulo, two editions of Bienal do Mercosul, The South Project (artist residence in Melbourne, Australia) and Papéis Avulsos (Art Center, South Florida, Miami).

The artist also made an exhibition at Pinacoteca de São Paulo’s ocotagon; produced the instalations Ainda Viva, No Ar and Morro Mundo at Nara Roesler Gallery (RJ in 2017 and SP in 2018); presented the work LUX at Morumbi chapel (SP) and at Carpem Diem (Lisbon); and also realized the art instalation Diurna, at Farol Santander (SP — 2018).

Besides that, acted as art director and set designer in the plays Cacilda! (2001), directed by José Celso Martinez Corrêa; Só (2009) by Letizia Russo; O idiota (2010—11), based in the Dostoieviski Work and realized by Mundana Companhia; O Duelo (2013), and A última palavra é a penúltima 2.0 (2014), with the company Teatro da Vertigem. In 2015, had part in the creation of Na Selva das Cidades, of Bertold Brecht.