Knife and Wound


Individual Exhibition

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The idea of Man in the likeness of God trembles and shakes, falls to the ground, and it is not necessary to resort to the feminine to represent it; just as it is enough to hear that someone is quite human, because he is kind, in the likeness of God. But is it so? Is goodness characteristic of man? And of God, too? The cruelty of this first god, the punisher, the scourge, has been recognized until he discovers the resounding failure of man. What female god when the first crime of blood involves two brothers, men, there being no place for doubt? Man will feel a fear of himself, a hindrance to the evil that surrounds or internalizes him; asceticism in anguish as it can only be. (…)
(…) Is it this feminine god who deceives Abel and Cain, whispers in his ears, shouts in his bowels, or, on the contrary, do the brothers drag the presence of the innocent into their tragedy so that the story can be told? Not like this. Only the spectator will tell the story, never the hypothetical god, never the murderer, never the murdered.
Which one is the earth, which one is the fire? Which one is the water or the air? All images violating the metaphors, up to the ultimate image of the inevitable failure of Man. War is relativized, like hunger, pestilence and death, a spectacle without order or propitious occasion, and always the mistake of happening not here, nor now, that this is not with us.
Who kills who will be the last doubt, the ultimate teaching of myth, making certainty an indecision.


Miguel Marques




Bragança - CACGM


Mar, 2018