Jérémy Pajeanc


Jérémy Pajeanc born in Paris. Lives and works in Oporto.

He has a degree in Fine Arts – Painting by FBAUP, 2007-2012. He is currently teaching at the Porto School of Education, as Assistant Professor in the areas of Sculpture and Ceramics. Member of the Expedition group. They have exhibited regularly since 2009. The most recent individual exhibitions include: Ablation d’Un Niveau, individual exhibition at the Panel Gallery and Enfouis sous les murs, JUP Gallery, in 2012; Enfouis sous les murs, FBAUP Galeria Cozinha, 2011. Of the collective exhibitions stand out: Theory of Painting, Aisca, 2014; Parties, in partnership with João Pedro Trindade, n’Iha, Expedition, Maus Hábitos, 2013; Resgate, Barcelos, 2013; Who lives next door ?, release Dédalo Magazine, 2013; Participant of the Terzo Paradiso project by Michell Pistoletto, Guimarães Capital of Culture, 2012; In the house with, Atelier no 1, Porto. He was awarded the “Young Creators” prize at the Bienal de Cerveira, in partnership with K.Stepanskyy in 2013. He was the representative of Portugal as a “young promise” at the European Glass Context, 2012.