GA Estudio



GA  estudio is an architecture firm founded in Santiago, Chile, in 2009. It is run by architects Tomás García de la Huerta (1981, Chile) and Xaviera Gleixner (1984, Chile). Since 2017 José Miguel Pinto (1988, Portugal) participates as an associate architect.

The main basis of the firm’s work has been in Chile; however, there have been projects and exhibitions in countries such as France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Germany and Portugal. The firm’s projects have been exhibited at the 16th Santiago Architecture Biennale (2008), the 14th Buenos Aires International Architecture Biennale (2013), the 19th Chilean Architecture and Urbanism Biennale (2015), and the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale (2018).

Architecture is the principal focus of this team, with the geographical and cultural conditions playing a significant role in every project.

The search for connections in the context —both past and present—is the interaction between a meticulous selection process for the materials, the structure, and the expressiveness of the project, conveying it toward the one thing possible: the creation of a proper relationship between the project within its context and its inhabitants.

At the same time, GA’s commitment to architecture also comes into practice through instruction, as its founding partners have been part of the teaching staff at the Universidad del Desarrollo of Santiago, Chile, since 2008.

The view of GA often extends beyond the field of architecture, proposing other possibilities for other types of interventions. This is a place where, from various media and formats, the firm seeks to assist the thought processes, questioning and answering other times, spaces, and scales.