GA Estudio



GA (Santiago de Chile, 2009) is a multi disciplinary team directed by architects Tomás García de la Huerta (1981) and Xaviera Gleixner (1984).

The principle focus of the team’s architecture lies in the geographical and cultural conditions which determine each project. Therefore, the search of connections in context- past and present- respond to a rigorous selection of the materials, of the structure and the expressiveness of each work. This brings each project towards the only indispensible matter: creating a correct relation between the work, the land that it is on and its inhabitants.

Concurrently, GA’s commitment to architecture also comes into practice through teaching, as it’s founding members have been part of the teaching staff at the Universidad del Desarrollo of Santiago de Chile since 2008.

The view of GA oversteps often the eld of architecture, proposing other possibilities for other types of interventions.
This is a place where, from various media and formats, seeks to assist the thinking, questioning and answering other times, spaces and scales.

The work of the studio has been developed mostly in Chile, but additionally in other countries such as England, Germany and Portugal.