Filipe Marques


Filipe Marques studied in Fine-Arts Oporto University and KunstAkademie in Dusseldorf. Lives and works in Vila do Conde (POR). His work has been featured in various solo and group exhibitions including Oriente Foundation, Macau (2001); Cologne Art, Cologne, Germany (2004); “Artur-o-Shop Museum”, Florence, Italy (2007); Archaeological Musei Nationale, Florence, Italy (2007); Portugal Embassy, Beijing, China (2007), Beijin Art Show, Beijin, China (2007);”A [the] Friend of Volker Nolde”, Oporto, Portugal (2008); Foro Sur, Cáceres, Spain (2008); “The StraightFoward Tale and the Witness´s View”; “Requiem by a Young Painter”, Guimarães, Portugal (2010); “Art Stabs Power-Que se vayan todos!”, London, England (2013); “From Hermeneutics to the Cause”, CAPC, Coimbra, Portugal (2014); “The Meat that the Cranes Suspended”, Oporto, Portugal; “Feel it, No Fear, The Flesh Yealds and is Numb”, Oporto, Portugal(2017); “Knife and Wound”, Bragança, Portugal (2018).