A reflection about space is proposed as an abstract element, materialized in a shapeless body, recalling uniquely the idea of space, not merely assumed as an interior but as an interaction between its limits and our perception. 

As in a forest, a compressed path in tension with an external cold surface hanging over the ground leads to a precise point; a turning point, when we emerge into a spatial experience revealing an endless territory of folded plans, an amendment of scale, a brief moment of concentration, silence and beauty. A sequence of roofs linked together like hanging limits is perceived by its tension with standing pavements. A finite sky vanishes until it touches the ground with more or less accuracy.

The inner ambience of an enclosed garden is suggested and materialized as the portrayal of a finite and protected paradise evoking representations in the classical depictions of all times.  Subtle textures or spots of color will emerge from the dark under a diffuse and warm light, evoking the beauty of controlled landscapes, blurring the limits between nature and artificial. Peace and harmony, light and darkness, smells, colors or textures are called to inhabit a protective limit. This is a possible representation of life.


16º Venice Biennale



© Marco Cappelletti