Dario Basso


The leaves, the earth, the minerals and the rest of natural materials that Darío Basso uses to compose his great canvases proposes a pictorial and social trip for the different cultures of the world. His work traces the different stages lived by this painter «Galician born in Caracas» – as he defines himself – with works executed and transported from the interior of the jungle or born of the tragedy of the ship «Prestige».

His canvases transport the visitor to the heart of the Venezuelan jungle, where the artist took refuge for three years and used all kinds of natural textures to make his works, inspired by the different cities and cultures in which he has developed his career. In the late 1980s, Basso began traveling to countries around the world, from India and Egypt to Italy and South America, and was influenced by the different cultures with which he came into contact. Nature, travel and history are important and recurrent themes in his work. Basso has said that he seeks cultural myths outside the Western tradition to portray in his work and challenge traditional ways of looking at art.

The canvases, according to him, try to capture in a single image the nature, history and society of places as diverse as Rome, Nepal, New York or Cairo. In them he expresses «the most hidden points» of each culture by establishing a dialogue between East and West marked by the «inabarbable» amount of information that can provide its landscape and biological resources such as the pictorial series that emerged from the catastrophe of the oil spill ‘Prestige’ on the Galician coasts, which the artist has dubbed ‘Leviathan’, composed of coal, sulfur and oil; «For all the chemistry» that the ship threw to the sea, has remarked.

In 2008, Basso held an exhibition at the Egyptian Museum entitled Algoritmi Dixit, which featured paintings of geometric figures in homage to the fusion of Arab and European cultures in Spain from the 13th century. That same year, his paintings won the first prize in competitions held in Barcelona and Valdepeñas, Spain. Basso lives and works in Madrid, Spain.