António Bolota – In Spite Of


the limits of space and the geometry of the place

In a first contact with the In Spite Of or any other space, whether exposed or not António Bolota takes two measurements: the limits and the geometry of the place. In this particular case, it is a shop. An old restaurant, characteristic by its 360 degrees shop window, without a regular metric given the random arrangement of the 5 round pillars in a quasi-pentagon. In this geometrically inhospitable and asymmetrical place there is a search by the artist to reorganize the architectural chaos through sculpture. Shop 77, a private space in the Mota Galiza shopping centre, which hosts the In Spite Of project, is in any case, because it is glazed, a public place of free access to all by the eye; it is part of the public sphere. It is also about this idea of false privacy that the installation is built around the 5 pillars. To reformulate the place and its idea of space, involving the pillars by a cold iron band that creates and protects an interior space, but leaves free access by its opening near the floor. The stretched iron band materializes all the iron buried in the entrails of the structure of the store: in the slabs and countless disordered pillars. The intervention does not come to credit but to add a new experience to the store and another look at its memory. For Acorn every space has a sculptural potential, besides being an architectural place, be it a gallery, a garage, a shop or a ruin. The aesthetic exercise is not to add about the space, but to rethink it in a precise understanding of scale. Thus, António Bolota’s contribution points in two directions: that of converting any spatial configuration into sculptural potential and a reanalysis of the concept of scale. The human’s scale thus appears, as a reflection of his individual struggle to create, resorting to the work of a team with the use of its force, an apparently impossible idea that now takes shape, challenging the basic laws of physics. This exhibition also marks the closing of the space that In Spite Of has been occupying in the Mota Galiza Shopping Centre over the last year.

IN SPITE OF is an Artist-run space founded by Jérémy Pajeanc and Maria Trabulo


Oporto - In Spite Of


December, 2019