A Shot In The Eye



A shot in the eye is a project that starts from a traumatic event, a serious eye problem that kept me almost two years apart from the world struggling not to lose my right eye. A project, focused on the image and its construction, that analyzes and interrogates the mechanisms of perception and representation. Starting from a story, a kind of chronicle of this period written as a synthetic film script, a structured project is developed through a series of proposals that revolve around writing and drawing with clear references to painting, cinema or, even, to styles like Op Art. Writing and drawing become, therefore, a way of «re-following» the process, of fixing the hard experience, which works, at the same time, as a catharsis, as a liberating way. Draw, now, is to resist. And both, drawing and writing, are related here being the graphite and the paper the elements that symbolize this union between text and image. A graphite, on the other hand, whose optical characteristic causes that, according to the incidence of the light, it can be seen as a deep black, of matt appearance, or as a brilliant silver gray that even gets to hinder the correct vision of the work showing, thus, the plot itself, that is, the multiple strokes that make up the drawing. They are the trace of the act, of the action that builds the image. The plot, the apparently invisible element that sustains and shapes every act of representation, is used, here, as an optical game between the visible and the invisible that interrogates the ways of perceiving and representing reality and, with it, the very construction of the picture.




January, 2019