No Entulho

The artistic residencies No Entulho are aimed at research, artistic production and sharing of the respective work developed in the Artworks facilities, within the Ecosteel production space that brings together different manufacturing sectors and where the Much More Than a Window frame systems are produced. The artists will be called upon to think, intervene, create or modify the materials that are unusable in the industry, provided by the organization of the residence. It is intended that these materials – waste and materials specific to industry – should be used as a privileged means of these residences. In this context, it is also intended to provide unique studio conditions, combining two times of production – the artistic and the manufacturing – driving the experience of a place that is characterized by its rurality and the different industries. The realization of these residencies aims to strengthen the participation of the workers’ community in the elaboration of projects of an artistic nature, promoting the sharing of empirical, artistic and other experiences. There is thus an operational dynamic, with defined agendas and schedules, which the artists will have to enter. A fundamental part of the residences results from this symbiosis between these two worlds, which for a certain period of time will share the same space and will use the same means of production and the same materials, although with different intentions, vocations and purposes.